Thursday, March 10, 2011

The First Year-Gone in a Flash!

I remember always hearing how fast children grow up.  I knew they were right, because it feels like yesterday Justin was wearing 2T's and playing Candy Land...5 years later we're dealing with crushes, video games and the thought of middle school.  What wasn't properly explained was the first year with a baby.  Every time I heard to enjoy it because the grow up fast, I nodded my head and chalked it up to life just moves fast.  It's so different that first year.

I read the books, I had the little birdies chirping in my ear...but it just wasn't clear to me how fast it really will go.  This first year has been a whirlwind and my little journal is the proof.  It seems like everyday I was jotting down notes of something new Piper was doing or experiencing...sitting up, clapping, teeth, first holidays, smiles, giggle, rolling-the list goes on and on.  Everything is a milestone, everything is huge, everything becomes everyday once it's accomplished...and the journal notes become fewer and farther between. 

Don't get me wrong she is a ton of fun at this age, but now the development seems to be getting more mental-I can actually see her thinking.  Those fun blatant firsts of picking up a toy or stacking a block are now being built on with picking up and throwing and clapping or stacking 5 blocks and then knocking them down and then putting them away.  It's great and still exciting but wow that first year was something.

It's funny, I have a playgroup at my house every Wednesday and we have babies from 3 months to 20 months and you would think we are dealing with Kindergartners through Seniors.  Babies in that first year or two are doing so much that you are basing things on months-sometimes weeks.  When Piper was 10 months old she had a mouth full of teeth, was eating cut up food and  walking, her little friend who was 5 months old still had a gummy smile, was just starting to sit up and was only on rice cereal for breakfast-the difference is HUGE!  But..if you think about them in 5 years-they will be walking into kindergarten together.  The milestones slow and everyone starts to catch up and even out to their age as a year-no longer by months.

So my baby girl is 1 year old, she's still a baby, but it's amazing how I already need to get "baby fixes" with the real little ones :) Piper is, thankfully, a big snuggle bug but she has rightfully moved up to our shoulders...but there is something about cradling a baby in your arms that just feels so right and as this post goes-seems to be gone in a flash.

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