Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It was a Big Deal.

To the two gentlemen in the Green Jeep Wrangler, on Winton Avenue today, Feb. 5th at 11ish am, who stopped in the middle of the street, threw it in reverse, waved me off and plowed the end of my driveway...

I thank you.

It only took you, maybe 1 minute to back up and make those 3 passes to get that snow out of the bottom of my drive.  You probably thought it was a nice thing to do for the girl shoveling... it was.  You probably thought it was no big deal as you waved and said "Have a nice day." before you drove away.  But here's the thing, it was a big deal, and at that moment it was a very big deal, because here is what you didn't know:

That snow was deceptively heavy!  I went out thinking I'd push through in 20 minutes and I had been shoveling away for over an hour and still not done.  
You didn't know that I have been sick for going on 2 weeks, a terrible cold that I can't shake that had me dripping and hacking and sweating the whole time I was out there. 
I don't know if you saw my daughter, my sweet little girl who was so good and playing so wonderfully in the snow for so long but who had started feeling the effects of the cold on her "tootsies" and was really ready to go inside, but was sitting so patiently on the steps waiting for Mommy.  
You probably didn't see the heavy sighs and slumped shoulders as I stood in my driveway watching the city truck drive by and push all that heavy, Heavy, HEAVY snow in front of my driveway, and me knowing it had to me moved because my husbands car was not getting over that pile! 
You definitely didn't know that your good deed was absolutely going to be paid forward because my neighbor was just diagnosed with lung cancer and we have been shoveling for them also, in case they need to get to the doctor or the store and I was going to be heading over there next.  

By you stopping and reversing and doing that kind act that took such a short time, you were able to give this mommy time to have lunch with her daughter before pre-school, let this lady take a breathe, get a 3 1/2 year old little girls tootsies warm, keep a small car from getting stuck and provide a little extra strength for a neighbor who could use the help.

So dear sirs, I just wanted to let you know that when you thought you were just plowing some snow for a girl on the street, you were really moving some mountains for me and my family and neighbor.  

Sometimes you just don't realize how something small and easy for you could be really big and difficult for someone else. That's why I felt compelled to let everyone know just how wonderful what you did was for me.

So thank you for taking the time to help.  It was and is so appreciated. And now you know just how big of a deal it was! 



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