Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Don

Ahh The Don

That would be my wonderful husband.  You will find my praising this man a lot... because he deserves it.  I find that I keep his wonderfulness to myself because I don't want to be the girl that always talks about her amazing husband-because you know that behind my back people are not believing me and creating all types of marital problems I must have that I am hiding behind my stories.  Well I think this is a nice forum to finally share my thoughts on how fabulous he is. 

Now I would be lying if I said we never fight or things were perfect from the start, I mean we are human and relationships take work.  We both had to make some adjustments, we fight here and there but the best thing about Don, selfishly, is that he gets me.  He just gets me.  He gets when I'm not feeling well, he gets when I'm stressed, he gets when I'm PMSing and a total bitch. He gets it and he handles it with love and understanding.  He has always joked that he is my Pepe Le Pew and I am Penelope the cat.  He will come in for hugs and just be all lovey when I'm in the middle of doing things and I'll be pulling away trying to finish packing a lunch or doing the dishes just like that damn cat in the cartoon.  We giggle about it and now have acquired some Pepe mementos, but the gist of it is that he loves me.  When I'm crabbing at him or just mad about something I felt like he should have known to do (I am the first to admit that I can be a martyr and work on it every day!) he just walks over and gives me a hug.  Maybe this would piss other girls off or feel condescending, but with Don he knows that this will diffuse the situation, because how can I stay upset with this man who still loves me when I'm being irrational?  And the best part is when I'm not being irrational and have a valid point he will apologize.  Yeah pretty wonderful.

I think the true testament to what a wonderful man he is, is with our son (see The Stin post for complete story).  Don understood the situation with Justin when we first started dating but I don't think he ever expected or could prepare for the phone call one week after we were married that Justin would be going into foster care-which was not an option for me.  I was very prepared for this to make or break our marriage from the start and honestly wouldn't have blamed him if he wanted out...but he didn't.  He knew this situation was a non-negotiable for me and I was not about to let my nephew get lost in the system and he loved me enough to hold my hand and walk through this door with me.  We were going to do it together because that's what marriage is and he was going to step up and be the father this little boy needed.  I know how scary this had to be for Don, I mean he had never even held a baby, let alone begin raising a 4 year old with a lot of past that would need to be handled delicately, but he did it and what a wonderful Daddy he is!  He only worked four 10's at the time so Monday's were his days off and they became Daddy and Justin days-so they could bond and Justin could become secure with the new situation.  Justin still talks about his Daddy days and how much he liked them.  Don could have had him going to preschool on Monday's but he didn't-he just didn't. That's pretty wonderful in my eyes.

So I married a pretty amazing man.  Through my posts you'll hear about what a great father I think he is also.  I mean Piper melted his heart the day she was born and Justin is a Daddy's boy.  This is my Don and I feel like if this was written for anyone, it was really written for him.  I hope I tell him enough how much I love him as a man and a husband and a father, but if I don't, at least now he will forever have this blog to reference. 

Ahh The Don.

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