Friday, January 28, 2011

The Ster

Piper that is.  We call her the Pipster and since Justin is The Stin she has become The Ster.  Piper is our 11 month old daughter and the light of all of our lives.  She has Don and Justin wrapped around her little finger and I pretty much am the one that suffers from separation anxiety.  I just don't want to miss anything.  She came to us on February 19th 2010 and made us a family of four.  

She was a beautiful baby and seemed to be doing wonderful, except for breastfeeding, she went on strike at two months and devastated Mommy-and I mean ON STRIKE-you would have thought I was shoving knives into her mouth.  But we pumped for almost two months and got a good amount of breastmilk in her!  She knows what she wants, that's for sure.  She is a great sleeper and has been since about 6 or 8 weeks-I mean through the night.  We have been very lucky.  She is keeping up the 90th percentile for just about everything and needless to say we call her Piper the Destroyer!  She has 8 teeth, and has had them for about 4 months. She started walking on New Year's Eve and has mastered the stairs.She walked right into the new year! I could go on and on about all her little accomplishments, but there are so many in the first year and I am that mom, so I will spare you.  

She seems to be right where she is supposed to be and is our lovely little girl.


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